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Ko Pin-Yi Clinches Victory: A Masterful Triumph at the APP Asian 9-Ball Open 2023


In a spectacular showcase of skill, composure, and strategic brilliance, Taiwanese pool virtuoso Ko Pin-Yi emerged triumphant at the APP Asian 9-Ball Open 2023, defending his title in a riveting final against the formidable competition. The Aspire Recreation Center in Singapore witnessed Ko Pin-Yi’s masterclass as he secured his third World Nineball Tour ranking accolade, solidifying his status as one of the preeminent figures in the world of professional pool.

The Final Showdown:

Facing off against the rising star Albert James Manas in the final, Ko Pin-Yi encountered an early challenge as the 16-year-old Filipino sensation took a commanding lead. However, the seasoned champion showcased his resilience, turning the tide with strategic brilliance and mental fortitude. Ko’s strategic prowess and precision on the table were on full display as he claimed victory with a scoreline of 13-6.

Key Moments:

The final match was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Manas displaying nerves of steel and taking an early 3-0 lead. Ko’s response was nothing short of remarkable, executing a tremendous long pot on the three ball and gradually narrowing the gap. As the match progressed, Ko’s experience came to the forefront, with the World Pool Masters champion seizing control and claiming eight consecutive racks. This stunning display included Ko’s fifth break and run of the match, showcasing his dominance over a talented opponent.

Resilience and Experience:

One of the defining characteristics of Ko Pin-Yi’s victory was his ability to rebound from challenging situations. Despite a relentless start from Manas, Ko maintained his composure and recalibrated his strategy, ultimately dictating the pace of the match. The influence of Ko’s formative years, marked by unconventional training methods, became evident as he showcased the mental strength and adaptability that define a true champion.

Acknowledging the Opponent:

While celebrating his victory, Ko Pin-Yi graciously acknowledged the talent and potential of Albert James Manas. Hailing Manas as a player for the future, Ko emphasized the 16-year-old’s accuracy, unique style of play, and the remarkable journey that led him to the final. This recognition reflects Ko’s sportsmanship and appreciation for the burgeoning talent within the global pool community.

Looking Ahead:

As Ko Pin-Yi basks in the glory of his victory, the billiards community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in his illustrious career. With aspirations to surpass his previous accomplishments and inspired by the competitive spirit of his brother, Ping-chung, Ko sets his sights on the upcoming season, aiming for even greater heights.


Ko Pin-Yi’s triumph at the APP Asian 9-Ball Open 2023 stands as a testament to his skill, experience, and unwavering determination. The final showcased not only the prowess of a seasoned champion but also the emergence of young and talented players like Albert James Manas, promising an exciting future for the world of professional pool. As the curtains fall on this thrilling tournament, Ko Pin-Yi’s victory will be etched in the annals of billiards history, inspiring the next generation of players to strive for excellence on the green baize.

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